With 2018 a distant memory, we asked Island Athlete Shayelle Lajoie about the year that was, her goal for 2019 and Shayelle's advice on how to get super fit in 2019

Shayelle Lajoie

What was your highlight of 2018?

Working in West Papua, Vancouver, Bali, Darwin & Cairns.

What has been your favourite type of training this year and why?

Swimming because I had a super aggravating injury which left me with not many options other than to swim. I ended up loving it.

What do you love about Your Island Supply Leggings

The comfort, stretch, &  squat proof qualities.

What’s your best advice for people looking to be super fit in 2019

Slow & steady wins the race. Life has taught me too many times that if I go too hard too soon, injures will be there to greet me soon after. So learn from my mistakes. Also, find your groove! No two regimens work perfectly for individuals. And lastly, remain as often as possible, present & positive.

Shayelle Lajoie

What’s your goal for 2019?

My goal is to run my own retreats to teach others how to efficiently transition into a plant based lifestyle.

Shayelle Lajoie