The Only Leggings Worth Wearing

We exclusively design performance leggings for the fitness enthusiast in mind, from the elite athlete to the first timer looking to achieve their fitness goals.

VYB innovates and design timeless pieces that support the female athlete of all levels. We believe, if you look good, you feel good and our design philosophy embodies this expression by creating a vibe with every design.
We started this business because we are passionate about fitness and living an active life. We have 3 young children and life is active! Therefore, we tested and tested and tested again until we were sure we could offer exceptionally high quality squat proof fitness leggings to support not only your fitness goals, but include leggings with phone pockets to keep you connected through life’s adventures.

Tried and tested by Athletes, VYB Activewear wants you to perform at your best with the knowledge that you are supported by high quality fitness activewear when you move through your workout of choice.
Ironman Belinda Granger

Beach Sprinting Champion Bree Masters ACTV Gold Coast

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Duncan & Dhanya, from Manly Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney are avid surfers and fitness enthusiasts. Together, whilst juggling family life, they started VYB Active.

Dhanya, an ex-lawyer, swapping the court room for the full time duties of VYB CEO, overseeing the company’s operations and day to day management.

Whist Duncan, VYB Creative Director and a fitness industry veteran of 20 years, focuses on product design, photography, and marketing.
vyb creative director


Originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, VYB Is now based in Noosa, Queensland. Inspiration comes from the active lifestyle surrounding them and the many athletes who live and train in one of Australia’s best natural training grounds. 

Yoga Noosa National Park Sunshine Coast Queensland


VYB made an immediate impact in the F45 Training World with an enthusiastic loyal following of determined women who recognised quality, wanted vibrancy, and needed activewear that would perform during high intensity training.
F45 Training Bondi Beach

F45 Training



First and foremost, every design must be functional for the determined woman, who requires active wear they can rely on, not only during exercise but post and prior to working out.

Secondly, they MUST perform.
From ensuring our leggings are squat proof, to making sure the seams are of the highest quality and the fabric used has the technical properties for sweat wicking, compression and stretch capabilities. All of our designs are tried and tested by Athletes before they are offered on our store.

Last but not least, we aim to produce designs that are unique, distinctive and allow the wearer to express their personalities with confidence.


We proudly design all of our sportswear with passion and an obsessive attention to detail. We are always innovating and improving our designs based on our customers and athletes feedback.