With 2018 a distant memory, we asked Island Athlete Angela Paciocco about the year that was, her goal for 2019 and Angela's advice on how to get super fit in 2019

What was your highlight of 2018?

⚡️Becoming a certified personal trainer

⚡️National teen U56kg deadlift record

What has been your favourite type of training last year and why?

Hypertrophy training & comp prep lead up to pretty and powerful completion in October

What do you love about Your Island Supply Leggings

They’re skin tight. They do not move whilst I train & don’t have to worry about readjusting them in between sets or just for general use

I stand out when I workout with all the different prints/patterns and I am able to keep my phone in my versatite and black tights, making it convenient to listen to music whilst I train.

What’s your best advice for people looking to be super fit in 2019

Do not be afraid to reach out for advice, you are not alone in your fitness journey. Aim for not short and long term goals, have consistency, sustainability, dedication & exercise & you will achieve it

What’s your goal for 2019?

To be able to qualify at states for junior nationals & open nationals