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Product Review: Your Island Supply Active Leggings

Your Island Supply

Some girls like spending their money on expensive handbags, others like to splash out on jewellery. But personally, I like to spend my hard-earned cash on active wear (okaaaay…and food, coffee, makeup and wrap dresses, too.) Maybe it’s because cute workout gear genuinely motivates me to hit the gym, or because as a work-from-home freelancer, active wear is pretty much my full-time uniform. Whatever the reason, I can’t browse Stylerunner or walk into a Nike or Lululemon without wanting to buy ALL OF THE THINGS.

But lately, I’ve noticed my active wear drawer (and by that I mean, the messy pile in my wardrobe) has started to look a little like this: black, black, grey, black, grey again, possibly some navy if I’m feeling cray. While these neutral colours tend to be flattering, it was starting to feel a little…well…boring! My normal wardrobe (aka my 10 million wrap dresses) features a wide spectrum of colours, so why didn’t my active wear wardrobe? Was it because subconsciously, I was trying to shrink into the shadows in the very male-dominated weights area at my gym, rather than stand out? Probably.  But in any case, I decided it was time for a change. It was time to add some colour to my workout wardrobe.

I stumbled upon Aussie company Your Island Supply Active at the perfect time. They’re a Manly-based, Bali-inspired women’s yoga and active wear brand. Performance-driven, tropical luxe leggings are their thing, and they do it damn well. Just looking at their range, you literally feel like you’ve been transported to some far-flung, tropical island. I knew I had to give them a whirl — the only problem was picking just one pair from their collection! They’ve got everything from neon palm prints and pastel seashells to bright, flamingo print designs! Eventually, I settled on the Midnight Blossom Print from the Perform-Luxe range. because it reminded me of my awesome trip to Japan last October (and I love purple)

Your Island Supply

The verdict

I have to be honest — I’ve had some bad experiences with bright, patterned leggings in the past, where they’re made my legs look kind of short and stumpy. I was also a little nervous that I’d ordered the wrong size when I first tried to get them on, as it took a little bit of effort. ‘Oh noooo, am I going to look like a stuffed sausage in these?’ I thought. But once I’d got them on, I was super impressed by 1) how flattering they were and 2) how smooth and comfy they felt. You can definitely tell that they’re performance-driven — they have a ‘compression’ feel to them, in that they’re really lightweight but supportive. I’ve worn these leggings to do a range of activities — from strength training and dance class to running — and have been really impressed by the range of movement I get in them. Oh yeah, and they don’t go see through when you squat! I checked. I also love that there’s a little pocket at the back where you can put your keys, bankcards or phone. Super handy!

Your Island Supply

All in all, I’m now obsessed with these Your Island Supply leggings and intend to stock up on more, so I continue adding more colour and patterns to my active wear collection! You can shop their range here and check out more photos below.