We are dedicated to enhancing your fitness experiences by creating apparel that has a positive impact on both athletic performance and personal expression.

Through our activewear we strive to enhance the positive energy and good vibes, that come from feeling good.

As our name suggests we’re all about those vibes. 


Inspired by the beachlife and tropical vibes, our design philosophy is guided by two principles: physical performance and personal expression.

Firstly, our tights are engineered for functionality and performance, allowing for 100% focus on physical activities. We use innovative fabrics for comfort and movement and incorporate smart features for today’s lifestyles. Secondly, we want our designs to impact how you feel with exclusive, feel good designs that are both distinctive and original.


Before any of our designs are released they are rigorously tested by our athletes, including 15 time Iron woman champion, Belinda Granger, a champion of one of the world’s toughest sports.



Living in the tropics and surrounded by inspiration. Together they co-­design each collection with Dhanya, an ex-lawyer, swapping the court room for the full time duties of VYB CEO, overseeing the company’s strategic direction and day to day management. Whist Duncan, VYB Creative Director and a fitness industry veteran of 20 years, focuses on product design, photography, marketing and operations.